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I'm Richard Tutor, a Full Stack Web Developer and Full Time Learner. I aim to constantly improve and grow my skills, as Bruce Lee once said: "Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, and add what is uniquely your own." These values continously push me to strive towards self betterment. I eagerly seek out knowledge and opportunities in a way to becoming the best that I can be.

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A button leading to the Personal Library files

Personal Library:

A Personal Library built to keep up with your TBR(to be read) list featuring a login system.

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A button leading to the books-a-billion page


A book charity landing page created to practice the basics of design and to hone my skills in HTML & CSS.

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A button leading to the files for Wire World

Wire World:

A XOR gate created in python using lists and a neighbor function to change the color of the tiles.

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A button leading to the Calendar files


A Calendar that allows the user to create events, view months & days, and displays information like weather.

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A button leading to the files for SCP Facility Escape.

SCP Facility Escape:

A program where the user collects keycards to escape a facility filled with dangerous SCPs.

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